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About Us

About Us

Welcome to You 21 Global one of the Internet’s most complete guides to the top education websites, resources and articles online. Resources and all instruction issues are sorted by subject and life-stage, in order to locate exactly what you are searching for fast and painlessly.

What makes You 21 Global exceptional? Our site contains just the finest quality editor urged Internet based posts, issues and instruction resources online. Therefore, you may be guaranteed that information presented is reliable, up to date and highly useful. While we’ll consider all recommendations, we reserve the proper not to add any web site, resource or posts we deem to include low quality, insignificant or offensive advice.

Our Schools and Universities Database
Attempting to determine which university or school is best capable meet your own exceptional academic, professional, and lifestyle goals might be challenging and time consuming effort. Our schools and universities database was created to assist instruction and aspiring students minded professionals quickly and simply make better, more informed choices by giving them with exceptionally detailed and complete school info and info, that’s dependable, important and current.

Our database contains precise and complete info and data on over 7,000 U.S. schools, universities and higher education associations. Advice presented includes contact details and school address, application contacts, expenses and charges, financial aid options, admissions advice, tuition, degree programs and majors, graduation rates, retention rates, campus crime data, sports groups, plus much more. As such, all information is updated frequently and is free from commercial bias.

The search technology used on this particular site was optimized to enable users to search and form schools predicated on quite a few data points providing users the power to precisely and rapidly identify which higher education institution matches their unique search criteria.

What You Need To Understand

You 21 Global supplies an excellent basis for future learning opportunities. There aren’t any advertisements or external links to other websites because this is a paid website.

Given its simple to comprehend navigation, and vibrant, engaging characteristics, the site is, in addition, an excellent introduction for kids to online learning. From the participating learning zoo to the kindergarten classroom that is lively, there are such a wide variety of tasks, games and selections that most preschoolers will find something amusing and new whenever they return to the website.

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